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dancinginthedark [userpic]
What I'm reading right now
by dancinginthedark (daughterofcokie)
at January 15th, 2008 (02:02 pm)

I'm reading 4 right now myself. All highly recommended:

1. THE BLACK DAHLIA by James Ellroy

A fictionalized account of one of America's most notorious unsolved murders. Its great so far although the writer does tend to wonder off on tangents.

2.  DEAD MAN'S SONG by Jonathan Mayberry

A creepy horror novel set in a small town. Way better than Stephen King IMO.

3. NEPHILIM by L.A. Marzulli

Normally I don't like sci fi but this has such an incredible twist - almost plauabile. Basically there were fallen angels in the Bible (really) who slept with human women and produced the Nephilim. The creatures - if you want to call them that - did supposedly exist in biblical times but actually look like humans although they are giants. Strange but really good. A must read!!!!

4. MR. KNIGHTLEY'S DIARY by Amanda Grange

Do we have any Austenites here??? This is a new "companion" to Jane's novel EMMA. Its from Knightley's POV (thus the title lol). So sweet and charming just like the original. I hate when modern authors pervert Austen's works (that sounds so snobby huh? lol) so I am glad this doesn't. I have also read "MR. DARCY'S DIARY" by her and loved it. We always wanted to know what Fitz was thinking.